Wednesday, 10 June 2015

DIY: how to make a canopy

My sister asked me to make a canopy for my niece's reading corner in her bedroom and I decided to share with you the process on how I made it so that you can make your own. These are just guidelines so you can tweak things to how you please. My sister and I scoured Pinterest for some inspiration and found a DIY tutorial on how to make one but we put our own spin on it.

You will need:

21" (approx) embroidery hoop
2 Lightweight net curtains (I used IKEA twill curtains)
A roll of thick ribbon
A needle
Measuring tape
Ceiling hook

Step one: Figure out how low you want the canopy to hang so that you know how long the ribbon and net curtains need to be. To find the length you want the ribbon measure from the ceiling to where you want the hoop to hang, then measure from this point to the floor to figure out how long you want the net curtain. Double the length that the ribbon needs to be and cut three strips to this length (eg, if you want the top of the canopy to hang 1m from the ceiling, cut the ribbon to 2m so you can double it over). Then cut the bottom of the net curtains if necessary.

Step two: Undo the outer of an embroidery hoop and discard the inner. Put the outer hoop attachments to one side for now.

Step three: Slide the curtains onto the hoop and secure the hoop back together with the fixtures that you put to one side. This will be the back of your canopy. 

Step four: Sew the two panels together at the top (front and back) to keep them from moving apart. 

Step five: Place and pin the bunting around the outer edge of the hoop.

Step six: Cut 3 slits at the top of the fabric where you want the ribbon to hang from. I placed one ribbon at the back where the opening is between the two panels then measured the other two slits equally from there. 

Step seven: Bring each length of ribbon through the slits and around the hoop and back out through the slit. Hold the canopy up by the ends of the ribbon to check that everything is in place and how you like it before you secure. 

Step eight: Secure bunting by hand sewing it to the net curtains. Try and do this as subtly as possible but don't worry if it's a little messy as it will be up in the air anyway - remove pins. 

Step nine: Knot all three ends of the ribbon strips together, secure a hook into the ceiling and hang the knot over the hook. 

Step ten: Admire!

My sister is going to attach the hanging curtains to the side walls then put shelving on the back wall for the books, and maybe a few fairy lights will be featured.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY tutorial, it is so easy and you can adapt it to your own taste. You could use four curtains instead of two and you don't even have to use bunting, you could use fairy lights around the hoop instead!

If you make your own, please leave me photo on Twitter at @JBriony.

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