Saturday, 11 April 2015

tips on creating an artsy scrapbook

Scrapbooking is one of my favourite things to do when the creative juices are flowing. I love putting together photographs from a particular event in my life like when I went to Orlando last summer, which was a childhood dream come true so I took dozens upon dozens of photographs because I knew I was going to put together a scrapbook to remind me of my time there. It is definitely a fun creative outlet, especially if you enjoy collecting and documenting memories.

I thought I'd share with you a few tips and ideas on how to create a 'throw it all together' style scrapbook, so if you prefer neat and structured then this one isn't for you I'm afraid! ;) 

Tip 1: Use paints to create colourful and characteristic backgrounds for your photos. I used watercolours for this one but you can use whatever you like and you don't need to cover the whole page with paint, you could just paint down one side of the page or in the corner. Perhaps you might want to plan how you're going to lay out your photographs then decide where you want to colour afterwards. 

Tip 2: Create textures on your pages with fabric, textured paper or bubble wrap. You could either stick these straight onto your page or you could print with them by painting over the textured paper for instance then pressing it onto your page, either over the top of your images or onto the page to layer your image over.

Tip 3: Use ribbon or adhiesive tape to add even more fun and interesting textures.

Tip 4: Use fun pens to create patterns or note little memories and quotes. See below how I dotted the corner of the page with a gold marker pen.

Tip 5: Include small tokens. For instance, if you were traveling you could include post stamps from each country you visited. I added reciepts to some of the pages in my scrapbook to where it was relevant as well as park maps and those pressed coins you can get with the little engravings. 

Tip 6: I used a colour scheme for each double page in my scrapbook so that it didn't look completely outrageous and miss matched. I'm all for the 'throw it all together' theme but you also need to know when you reel it in a little. Try and look at each double page as one whole page rather than two separate pages just to keep it a bit more balanced. You might want to keep a consistent colour scheme throughout your entire scrapbook and that it totally cool too. 

Tip 7: Another way to keep your scrapbook consistent is to place relevant photos or events together. I kept my Disney park photos together then my Universal park photos together then inserted photographs of nights out, meals out and other little memories in between these bigger events. I feel like this creates a narritave throughout your book. Another great idea is to place everything in time order, which is something that I often do in my scrapbooks.

Tip 8: Have fun!! This is YOUR little project so be as creative as you like and try not to overthink it or be a perfectionist about how you lay everything out because it might not look organic. Sometimes I have fallen into the trap for overthinking the layout of a page and those are the pages I tend to go back and re-do. 

I hope these tips and tricks helped! Let me know if you have any great ideas for scrapbooking, I'd love to hear them. 

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