Tuesday, 7 April 2015

march favourites

I've been feeling a little lazy with my make up recently so I've been using some 'quick fixes' to get a natural look. The L'Oreal brow artist plumer is is my all time favourite brow product because it makes my brows look less one dimensional by adding volume thanks to the little fibres, which makes it a bit more special than an average brow gel. This in my opinion, allows your brows to look more natural. Obviously it doesn't fill in little gaps but it is perfect to use over the top of a brow pencil or other 'filling in' product of your choosing. 

Another quick and easy product I've been loving this month is the Maybelline colour tattoo: leather effect in creamy beige because you can literally swipe it over your lid with your finger, do a little blending and you're good to go! Perfect for those mornings when you're in a rush to leave the house. It's also brilliant as a base if you want to layer more eye shadows over the top but I usually just wear it on its own because I love the natural and minimal look it gives.

If you you are in search of a good primer to cover up those pesky pores then you NEED to go out and purchase yourself a tube of the Benefit POREfessional PRO balm. I use this over my nose and chin areas and I'm not kidding, it really blurs away my pores as well as keeping my make up in place for the day. When my travel size has run out, I'm off to get myself the full size! 

I've been loving the newest addition of the Taylor Swift perfumes, Incredible Things. It's much more light and sophisticated in comparison to her previous perfumes as it is more on the floral side with a hint of musk and vanilla. It's quite powdery and velvety to smell and perfect for daytime wear. I'm certain I just botched that description but it is definitely one my top 5 favourite perfumes, and how pretty is the bottle? It reminds me of watercolours and springtime! :)

It seems that Primark are upping their game in their jewellery department because that it where I discovered these two pieces. Alternatively, they are all I have been wearing this month. The practically go with everything I wear because they are so simplistic. I'm really into minimal jewellery/accessories at the moment.

I've had this 1980's Polaroid camera for a few years now but I never got round to buying myself film for it as it's quite hard to find and also a bit on the pricey side. Finally, I decided to buy myself some Impossible 600 film from Amazon and although I don't think the quality of it is very good, I had such a blast just pressing the button and the film instantly popping out! This film is only experimental so be warned that it takes around 40 minutes do develop and you have to quickly hide it in a dark place whilst it's developing, but it's so cool having an old Polaroid picture in your hand. Impossible have brought out a film where it's not sensitive to light after the film has left your camera so I'll be getting myself some of that next. As I said, the quality isn't great but I actually quite like that because it adds a vintage element to the photograph.

I hope you enjoyed reading through my March favourites. Let me know what you have been loving this month! 

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