Sunday, 22 March 2015

zoeva makeup brushes

I've had my eye on the Zoeva makeup brushes for the better part of a year and recently decided to take the plunge and treat myself to a set of them. I went for the rose gold set because they look absolutely stunning but also this set contained most of the brushes that I was interested in buying if I was to buy them individually. All sets come in these lovely 'expensive looking' makeup bags which is a plus. 

So let's start with the brushes as a whole, they are super duper soft, which is brilliant if you have sensitive skin like me. Brushes I have used in the past can be quite scratchy on the skin causing redness but these just glide smoothly across the skin. They are also excellent quality, I haven't had any of the bristles fall out when I am applying product or when I wash them. There's nothing worse than when you're applying foundation and having to pick bristles off your face. 

SILK FINISH: Blends my liquid foundation very well giving a seamless look. I find that I don't have to spend as long blending in my foundation with this brush as I do with my other foundation brushes or beauty blender. 

SHEER CHEEK: I use this brush for applying and blending in my highlighter. It distributes the product evenly and lightly, which gives better control of applying it. I much prefer to use this for powder rather than a cream highlight.

POWDER: This brush picks up a good amount of product and blends it out seamlessly. This is definitely the softest brush of the bunch, which is excellent really because if you're applying setting powder, it doesn't disturb your base foundation. 

FACE SHAPE: An excellent brush for contouring because it is small and dense, which means it is very precise when applying your product.

CONCEALER BUFFER: If I'm honest, I hate using brushes to blend out my concealer, especially under my eyes. I find that they leave an odd texture no matter what technique I try so I always use my fingers to dab it out. I'm likely to use this brush for sweeping shadow over my eyes. 

LUXE SOFT DEFINER: Picks up a light amount of product, which means you can build up eyeshadow with more control and you won't waste product because there is no need to tap it off (unless of course you're using a loose powder). I use this one for applying a base shadow all over the eye. 

LUXE PETITE CREASE: This is without a doubt the best crease brush I have ever used because it is very precise due to its tapered end and size. It does a great job at getting right into the crease.

WING LINER: Applys liner easily and precisely. I haven't actually tried a winged eye with this yet but i have no doubt it will do a great job. 

Has anyone tried these brushes before? What are your thoughts? 

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

DIY: Lace patterned candle holder

I often buy candles that come in glass jars, which leaves me with a perfectly decent reusable candle holder after the candle has been used up, so today I thought I'd share with you a DIY tutorial of a candle holder that I re-vamped. 

All you'll need is...

Place your old candle holder in the freezer as this hardens the leftover wax and makes it easier to break it out. I put mine in the freezer for 1 hour as I only had a small amount of wax leftover but you may need longer if your candle holder has more wax stuck to the bottom. 

Next, get a knife and break the wax at the bottom. It should break really easily allowing you to tip it straight out. 

Just to make sure your candle holder is super clean, wash it in some warm soapy water and dry with a tea towel. 

Position the lace around your candle holder and overlap the two ends slightly. Cut off the excess lace with a pair of scissors if needed then use a small amount of tape to keep it secure. Use as little tape as you can otherwise it might look a little patchy at the end when you spray paint over the lace. 

The next step is to get your spray paint and spray light strokes across the candle holder to ensure even coverage. (Don't forget to spray outside and follow the instructions on the spray can!) Depending how opaque you want your final outcome to be, you could spray over the lace a few more times. I only did one layer though to achieve my result. Remove the lace straight away and let the candle holder dry. 

Then just place in a tea light, light it and admire your pretty little masterpiece! Unfortunately this photo doesn't do it justice as it's overexposed but it really does create a nice little lace effect as well as an interesting sillhouette surrounding the candle holder. 

This is super easy so give it a try and let me know how yours turned out! Send me your photos on Twitter using @JBriony