Sunday, 25 January 2015

My Current Base Make Up Routine

After a lot of experimentation with different products over the years, I have finally found some of my favourite base products. Of course I still like to try out new things but I always tend to go back to these.

I like to start off my routine with the Rimmel Stay Matte Primer because it helps to keep my make up in place all day. I definitely notice a significant difference when I skip the primer when I'm in a rush. With it I am less oily around my nose by the end of the day and my foundation doesn't get patchy.

Next I use the Benefit The POREfessional PRO Balm around my nose and chin areas. It minimises the appearance of pores and it really does work! When my travel sized one runs out I am off to get myself the full sized version!

After that I apply the L'Oreal True Match Foundation (N2 Vanilla) with a Beauty Blender (which I didn't include it in the picture because it's dirty and gross). I used this foundation years ago but for some reason I stopped using it and I don't know why!!! It's my favourite foundation out of all the ones I've tried and I've tried m-a-n-y. It's very natural looking and and so easy to blend. They have a wide selection of shades so you're bound to find a colour suited to your skin tone.

Next up is the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer (020 True Ivory). I use this under my eyes and I feel like it really helps to brighten up the area. It isn't too thick and heavy so it blends really well yet it covers my dark circles better than a lot of other drugstore concealers that I have tried. Definitely my go to concealer!

I haven't tried many bronzers since I started wearing make up because I was always so worried that I'd look like a tangerine as I found many of them to be very orange in colour or too dark for my skin tone. This L'Oreal Glam Bronze (00 Blonde Sun) is perfect for paler skin because it's very light in colour and without that orange tinge. It is my go to 'winter' bronzer when my skin is paler than in the summertime, which is when I like to use my Rimmel Sunshimmer Bronzer (Medium Matte).

And last but not least, I go in with the NYX Blush in Angel. It's a light peachy pink colour, which is nice and subtle yet also buildable. Recently, I haven't been big on the blush so this one is perfect to add a light flush to the cheeks.

Have you tired any of these products before? What are your 'go to' base products?

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Product Review: Hemp Hand Protector

Here I go again raving about The Body Shop but I just can't help it, their products are brilliant! Today I am going to talk about the Hemp Hand Protector, which I have been using for about 6 months. I work in a job where I am constantly using my hands and dealing with a lot of cardboard, which is a nightmare for absorbing all of the moisture out of your hands. As a result of this I was suffering from dry, cracked skin particularly on the palm of my hands and around my nails. They were in desperate need of some TLC and none of the moisturisers I was using did the job. I came across this Hemp Hand Protector and decided to buy it on a whim despite the fact that it was £11, which is a little out of my price range for a hand cream. I had only used a couple of times before it sorted my hands right out and made them all soft and smooth. I must admit, the smell of this is not the best. It's a very strong kind of earthy smell (but not in a fresh way) but honestly I did get used to it and now it doesn't bother me at all. I tend to use it once in the morning and then at night before bed. If I don't use it for about a week or so, I can tell a significant amount of difference in my skin. So if you are after a heavy duty hand cream then this is definitely the one to try!

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Top 5: Lip products

I'm going to start a series on my blog where I will share with you my top 5 picks of different make up products starting with lipsticks.

I have to say that the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains are perhaps my favourite lip products that I have ever tried. My lips can get pretty dry and these are super moisturising so I don't get halfway through the day with the lip colour clinging to the dry skin on my lips (ew, gross). In addition to this, they are a lip stain so I don't feel the need to top up during the day, which is brilliant because I hate having to check up on my lipstick throughout a shopping trip or a night out.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Lovesick: This is my favourite one out of all the lip products that I am going to talk about in this post. It's super bright pink and it was very buildable like the other Revlon Balm stains so you can wear it quite sheer, which is perfect if you're not used to wearing bright lip colours or really build it up to an opaque colour. This was the first bright lip colour I had ever tried so the fact that I could wear it sheer and eventually build up the colour until I felt comfortable enough to wear it opaque was perfect. It's almost like a lipstick for beginners.

Revlon Just bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Cherish: I've only recently purchased this colour balm stain but I am completely in love with it! It's quite a pale baby pink colour with a purple undertone, which is a shade that I've always been quite doubtful to try because I didn't think it would suit me. However, as I said above, it can be worn quite sheer so it doesn't look too harsh.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey: This is the perfect everyday colour if you are wanting to keep your make up look minimal. Its a pretty pinky nude shade that I find enhances my natural lip colour.

Maybeline Baby Lips in Cherry Me: This product is more of a tinted lip balm than a lipstick or a lip stain. It is probably the most moisturising lip balm I have come across since using lip balms! This is my go to everyday lip product alongside the Revlon balm stain in Honey, especially if my lips are feeling crazy chapped but I want to add colour to my lips. I would recommend it if you are wanting to try out a red or bright lip colour for the first time but you're a bit apprehensive about trying it out because it's almost like a super duper sheer red lipstick without the worry of smudging or even needing a mirror to apply it. It's fool proof.

Soap & Glory Glory Super-Colour Fabulipstick in Guava Rama: This is a deep pink colour that look gorgeous against a pale complexion. It is a very moisturising lip product, which as I've mentioned previously is my preference when it comes to choosing a lipstick. It is a very opaque colour and I find that it lasts a long time.

So there you have it, my top 5 lip products! I hope you found this post helpful and don't forget to comment below if you have any questions about the products that I shared with you.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Brand Favourites: The Body Shop

I don't know about any of you but I love The Body Shop! Their products are so tasty smelling that I just want to eat everything (best not though). Over the years I have shopped there more and more as the products are fantastic and they don't test on animals. which is always a plus. Sometimes it can be difficult finding things that are free from animal testing however there's no need to worry about that at The Body Shop and everything you need is under one roof. 

Here are a few of my favourite things that I always re-purchase and also a couple of things that I have recently tried. 

Body butters are perhaps the most popular products at The Body Shop. They smell absolutely delicious and they are super moisturising. If I skip moisturising for a couple of days (naughty Jade) my skin honestly remains so soft. I've tried many different scents and for years now the Papaya has been my all time favourite. It's super fruity so if you're not into slathering fruitiness all over your body then there are more subtle fragrances such as the Almond, Coconut or Shea butters, which I also love.

Although I am very give or take with fruited fragranced moisturisers and body butters, I tend to only use fruity shower gels. I think this reason is because it's a more cleansing smell to me than anything else. Some of my favourites that I recently purchased are the Mango and Papaya ones. 

 If you've never tried this Madagascan Vanilla Flower fragrance mist then you should, right now. It's the perfect pick me up if you've been out all day shopping or running errands. It's not too over powering like perfume can be so if you're after something quite subtle then this if for you. The only downside is that the scent doesn't last for as long as perfume but like I said, if you're just after a nice little pick me up then this is great! As well as this one, I have also tried the Shea one, which is nice to use after application of the Shea body butter.

Has anyone tried the new Glazed Apple line at The Body Shop? I'm not sure if it's just limited edition for the winter time but it is without a doubt one of my favourite scents across the entire store. I don't normally gravitate towards apple scents but this is just yummmmy! There's a sourness to it which is very distinctive. My favourites from the line are the Eau De Toilette and the Home Fragrance Oil. I love using burning fragrance oils but sometimes I find that they are very subtle and that's ok but sometimes I'd prefer more prominent scent and with this one there is just a constant waft of amazingness. I'm definitely going try more fragrance oils from The Body Shop. 

I hope this post was helpful if you are wanting to try a few things from The Body Shop but were a bit unsure of what to try.